Friday, 8 June 2012

An Oslo Wedding

Last Friday I headed to Olso, Norway with my husband for a very good friends wedding.

This is a slightly self indulgent blog I'm afraid. I wanted to share with you just a few photos from the day. Hopefully I should be able to show you a couple from the professional photographer soon, and better ones of the hair - why did I not take any good ones of the hair?!

View from the hotel where we got ready. Amazing!

We got to get ready in a really smart hotel in Oslo, we where on the 6th floor and the view was incredable.

Another view from the 6th floor

What was also incredable was the weather - look at the sky! It wasn't too chilly at all, around 17C, which I didn't think was was bad considering we were roughly as far north as Shetland.

On the way down in th lift to catch our cab to the church I couldn't resist but get a photo of us in the mirror!

I styled Lindas (the bride) hair and her maid of honor Mari. I hope you'll agree that they both look beautiful.

Linda had a wonderful idea of putting some text that described the guest under their place name. I wonder what she could have chosen for me?