Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hello & The Pop Up Salon

First of all, as this is my first blog on Blogger, hello!

Some of you may be asking yourself, why has the (rarely updated) blog from her website moved to here? Well, it's simply because it was a right pain to update where it was. It was awkard to add pictures (which I love dearly, and which will probably make up most of this blog) as well as suffering from many other boring technical issues. And I do like to talk, so the inablility to update it regularly was somewhat upsetting.

So here I am ready to start again and force pictures of hairstyles and related stuff upon you! Happy days.

Models: Solene Percher and Jude Wright
For my first post I wanted to introduce, to those that are not already familiar with it, The Pop Up Salon.

The Pop Up Salon is basically what could be described as a stage set, of a salon, that I can put in the back of a car and take with me to construct in a location of choice.

I am incredably lucky to live in the same city as and know photographer Joanna Millington. She was very excited when I asked her if she could photograph the salon, and as you can see from her images, she did a great job. Jo's work in general is quite frankly, incredable. I hate all this over the top gushing you see all over blogs, but I absolutely mean the words I just wrote, please take a look at her work, you won't regret it! A massive fan over here!

The salon was born out of my fustration of not having an attractive and practical work area when I was working at fairs and events. I wanted my clients to have the comfort of the salon experiance outside of a salon.

I wondered how I might go about doing this, and over the past year my husband (a constant source of inspiration) and I talked about what it might actually look like and how it might work.

Again, as luck would have it I was fortunate enough to know Matt Nunn of Bix B Productions and knew that he could create amazing sets, so set about talking to him about my ideas. Matt was quite excited about the project becasue it's not something that he had been asked to do before. As Matt is a fellow vintage enthusiast I knew he would understand what I was looking to create asthetically.

What was also exciting about designing this is getting to choose some wallpaper. I knew that Sanderson had just released their 1950's prints and was spoilt for choice. To be honest, this was probably one of the hardest parts! I'm really happy with my choice, not only that, I have the rest of the roll to find something to do with.

I am massively pleased with the salon. It's great to look at, easy to work at, easy to construct and has a mirror with lights round it. What is this not to like?

So far the salon has just had one offical outing in its completed state, and that was to A Most Curious Wedding Fair on Saturday 11th February. It got lots of attention I'm pleased to say!

The salon and my hairstyling services are for hire at weddings, festivals and any other sort of event. Please get in touch if you would like to make a booking.


  1. I didn't realise it wasn't finished when I saw it at the last St. Andrews fair? Can't wait to see it in all its glory, it really is stunning!

  2. Thank you, please come an say hello at the fair :)