Sunday, 11 March 2012

Norwich Fashion Week - Fashion Night Out!

On Friday 10th March Flint and I took part in the Norwich Lanes Fahion Night Out. We were teamed up with Seven Wolves and Catfish Womens Wear.

The night started at 6pm with Conor cutting some hair upstairs at Seven Wolves. Flint had bought one of the double sided mirrors and 2 of the beautful barbers chairs to use. Lucy then demo-ed a couple more mens haircuts for the crowd - I don't have any photos of this myself yet, as I was busy downstairs at Catfish and couldn't get upstairs to see their work! I'll try and get some to add to this later.

Other fun I missed were the cocktails made by 42 King Street - gutted! I was offered a cocktail, but I will admit I am a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol, so I had to decline.

 Here's the beautiful dresser the Catfish staff got for the event - stunning!

I was lucky enough to get to wear one of the Vivienne Westwood dresses they have for sale - a lovely stripey yellow number! It's not a colour I have worn before - or the sort of shape I have ever worn before, but I loved it, and it was so easy to work in. I did take a full length photo so I could show you, but I've blimin' well gone and deleted it off my camera haven't I? Doh.

You can see the wonderful Viv shoes I got to wear here though...

And look at these. I know wearing 'jelly' looking shoes shouldn't be right, but well, when you look at these it just is! If anyone wants to buy me a pair...

I was busy all night, creating beehives, quiffs and victory rolls! If any of my clients from the night have anymore photos please post them on my Facebook wall, I'd love to see!

The staff at Catfish and Seven Wolves made us all so welcome, thanks guys!

There more Fashion Week fun to be had this Wednesday at Cinema City. Blog to follow!

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