Sunday, 29 September 2013

Halloween MakeUp and Photoshoot

Everyone loves Halloween right?

I certainly do. This year (after working the the Zombie Weddding muscial) I was asked to do Zombie makeup for a real life 'Zombie' wedding. The bride and groom were big zombie fans and I had so much fun making up the guests. This year I have also got to work on 2 World War II films, which has bought me into contact with prosthetics and the processes for creating scaring and gross wounds.

So all this lead me to thinking - I MUST do something for Halloween!

I have teamed up with the lovely Emily, owner of LoveMoi Makeup to present the you 'The Halloween Parlour'.

We'll be offering these on 2 dates as Halloween falls mid-week(ish). Saturday 26th October and Saturday 2nd November. 

I will be offering 2 'levels' of 'Zombiefacation'. The the first involves making you look, welll, dead. I can add scabs and blood and this takes around 15 minutes and costs £10.

The second and more detailed option includes special effects scaring and grazing using latex made myself. As this is latex you will need to come in for a skin test, as people can be allergic to this. You also have the option of cuts using special effects wax too if you are allergic to latex. This takes around 30 minutes ad costs £25 You can book by contacting me at

Emily is best known for her gorgeous beauty work, but she will be taking it to a rather different level. She is creating some macabre (but actually quite sexy) looks like the one below. Contact her at to book.

Last but not least here are some of the images from my zombie shoot with the very patient and game Alex. Thank you Alex for allowing me to take you to the park in Zombie make up - you're a star.

Photos, editing and makeup by Flamingo Amy. Enjoy!

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