Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hair Up Demo

Tonight I gave a (nearly) 2 hour demo to some NVQ 3 students at a local training academy. I didn't realise it was so tiring talking so much!

I didn't teach vintage styling, but showed how knowing a couple of little tricks can make a relatively simple hair up look really AMAZING.

I know that a lot of hairdressers are mortified of hair up, and I remember another hairdresser telling me that when someone came in for hair up all the other staff would run to hide in the staff room so she was the only one left standing there. Pretty shocking!

Here's a couple of photos from tonight.

Massive thanks to my model Meriel, who put up with me talking constantly!

The 'Jennifer Lopez'. Don't know if she ever wore this style, but I can imagine she would. I acutally quite like it!
And from the front...

How to enchance a Chignon to make it look extra special!

Same style as above but from the side.

What do you think?

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