Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lynnes Fingerwaves

Would you write Finger Waves, or Fingerwaves?

No matter.

Here is a photo from the the weekend of my good friend Lynne who is a bit of a fan of the 1920's. I was itching to give my marcel wave clips a go so when round to try them out.

For some reason I did not take a photo with the in. Doh. Next time.

Here Lynne is looking somewhat pale, but she then transforms...

Apologies for the small photo! It we had more time I think I would have added a curl or 2 extra down the wave at the front, but I was fairly pleased with the experiment.

If you've tried fingerwaves what tips would you give? Also, what gel would you recommend?

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  1. Hi, I love doing fingerwaves. I use a gel spray with mine. The best (but longest)result is from doing reverse pincurls on alternate rows, spraying with gel spray then drying with a hood dryer. Then, when you dress it out with your clips it's eaier and more effective. They come out best on a wig, you can use block pins and galloon to set the waves. You can also angle the block in a way a real head just wont do.....a wig doesn't talk back either! Hope that's a bit of help. She looks really cute by the way. Jeanie Pincurl (Pincurls and Pout) x