Friday, 4 May 2012

Little Vintage Lover Fair

I'm totally shattered from a very busy week - I wanted to put these up sooner but haven't had the chance. Everything I will be posting over the next week is going to be lagging behind the times I'm afraid - but I hope you enjoy the photos all the same.
On Saturday I got to attend my very first Little Vintage Lover Fair at Dragon Hall. For all you non-locals they don't keep dragons there. That would be ridiculous. Dragons simply couldn't be kept in a hall could they? They would need a much bigger space. Anyway, enough of my rubbish jokes, on with the hair!

I was fully booked up before the day started, which was great, but kind of not at the same time, becasue naturally I wanted to go and look at all the cool things for sale.

My first client of the day was the lovely Davina; she had won the competition to come and get her hair done with me. Although she had time to pop in and have her hair done she had to go straight off to work - Davina, if you read this let me know what your colleagues said!

Competition winner Davina and myself
Side view of the classic Hollywood set
I was lucky enough to have Make-Up Artist Sherrie Sparkes come down and assist me for the day. Thank you Sherrie - your help was fantastic.

Photo by Stephen Plumb
It was Antonia Rose's 9th Birthday - cute!


  1. Oo just read this - all my colleagues were in awe and it felt good :) thank you again!

  2. lovely photos. You are very talented.