Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Favourite Behind the Scenes Photos

Today I decided that I just had to sort my folders out on my computer. I have so many photos now I just had to get them in order.

I was organising a 'Behind the Scenes' folder and as I was doing so I came across photos I had forgotten about and just love. They bought back some great memories, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you here.

I have always loved this photo. I love Cher's pink hair and stripy top and how you can see all the other people on the shoot in the mirrorsi n the background. I'm loving that massive cactus as well!
I could have posted all of the Behind the Scenes photos of this one, they all came out so well. Here we are in the Assembly House, Norwich shooting a Marie Antoinette inspired project.
This was taken before the fashion show at Norwich Fashion Week 2011. There was such a great atmosphere going on in the salon and Meriels hair here (as is obvious!) was massive. I just love how she is causally checking her phone with such wild hair!
This is Molly, she was one of the participants on a Vintage Make Over TV Pilot I was involved in. She looked like a film star. I was so please with how this photo came out.
This is at a vintage bridal shoot stylist Fabulous Miss K did with photographer Andi Sapey. This wasn't Hollies usual style at all and it suited her so well. I took this on my photo with the Vignatte app and I think it looks like a genuinely old photo. Beautiful.
This photo cracks me up! This was taken in the afternoon before we did a styling demonstration named 'Modern Vintage' last year. I'd love to have know what the people walking by outside thought about this!  

Here are Robyn and I on a shoot for photographer Tatum Reid. It was the middle of winter here and the models were in bridal dresses. But here I am snug and warm, I was not jealous of them!

Yes, I know, I know, very childish! Nothing funny was going on here, I think they were just trying to sort a bustle out or something, at least that's what I was told. This shoot was such a laugh and we got some brilliant images!

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